Encore Motors began back in 1983. Founder RC Akin and his son Allen were lifetime car crazies. They were constantly queried about what cars to buy, how to keep them looking so good, and where friends could find cars like theirs. To use their banker’s term, Encore Motors was founded to “legitimize” their car hobby, and over 25 years later, Encore still continues to promote the concepts of honesty, integrity and fun in the buying, driving, and maintaining of fine cars.

After RC’s passing in 1991, Allen has continued the concepts that his Dad taught him. “I want to provide great value in an automobile, in terms of safety, reliability, fun, and low net costs. Generally, it’s easiest to find these concepts in a pre-owned German car, but I will occasionally do another car if it’s an exceptional piece, or something very unusual. Buying a car, especially a used one, can often be a nerve -wracking experience. It shouldn’t be that way.

03bmwz4 interiorEncore Motors rarely sells transportation - we are usually dealing with smart, long term customers who enjoy buying, driving, and keeping up their car.” Indeed, Encore Motors has numerous clients who are now in double-digit purchases. A reference list is available upon request so that you can make sure we are “real”. We also check for title discrepancies, and encourage using a quality shop or inspection service to make sure there are no surprises. Encore Motors is also a member of a network of highline auto dealers that exchange information in the buying and selling of highline autos. This way, Encore can stay on top of immediate developments in the market, and can encourage quality long-distance relationships.

Encore Motors has satisfied customers in long-distance transactions for many years, well before the Internet explosion. These transactions can only be successful if certain rules are always followed:

  • Disclosure - tell EVERYTHING you know, the good and the bad.
  • Meet expectations: always under-promise, and over-deliver
  • Accountability: make sure that paperwork, documents, and any details are handled in a timely fashion.

Allen smiles when people want to know “how it’s done”. “Most people just don’t know any other way to ride, except to go to the big city car store where you will find average cars with very little information offered, or to an individual who usually cannot provide you with the knowledge or security that I can, that is, clean titles and proper paperwork.. If you are a smart buyer, you can own a car that will give you many miles of pleasure and satisfaction, and at a cost that is remarkable. I get tremendous satisfaction when someone’s face lights up - when they realize that the car that they think is $60,000 is only $20,000 - or when they ask me if it’s new - when it may be 10 years old. My favorite recommendation by a customer came to a gentleman out of state a few years ago. He wanted to know why it was safe to deal with me. My customer told him that the difference was that, "Allen knows his cars intimately..." -and I do. I drive everything, and not just around the block. I drive every car that comes across my desk. That is the only way you can really find out what they need, and what their long term reliability may be.”

E55RT-2-042We are also happy to aid in your search for the right car. As information has expanded over the last few years, it is now easier and faster to find the specific car you are looking for. We know what is “right and wrong”, and can give you honest and accurate information to make it a smooth transaction. You can do business with Encore Motors in confidence. Allen is also a Bar admitted lawyer in the State of Georgia, and has been in the Middle Georgia area for over 40 years. Encore Motors began its 35thyear in business in 2016! Call or email us to chat, check us out, and you will see that it will be a great experience to do business with Encore Motors - a micro-sized dealer with Maximum value!